Being one of the leading organizations in the sector it serves; BERKIN DEFENSE ENGINEERING, which adopts the principle of continuous improvement by constantly reviewing the relevant national and international developments and customer expectations,

  • To follow the legal regulations related to its activities, to obtain and comply with the necessary official permissions,
  • To prepare the necessary training and infrastructure for the implementation of ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Quality Management Systems and the participation of employees in the system,
  • To continuously measure the performance and effectiveness of the established Quality Management Systems by setting targets, to continuously improve the system by managing the non-conformities that may occur,
  • In the field of Defense, Security, Software and Hardware Design; To develop solutions and products that can compete all over the world based on advanced technology.
  • To carry out risk management at all stages of the processes and to carry out the necessary activities to turn internal and external risks into opportunities,
  • To perform configuration management throughout the project life cycle,
  • To meet customer demands on time and as desired,
  • To always prioritize customer satisfaction in our products and services,
  • Establishing and monitoring a system that can provide feedback from all stakeholders for continuous improvement,
  • Supporting career plans and performance monitoring with technical, technological and personal development trainings by prioritizing employee motivation,
  • To contribute to all fields of activity by equipping the working environment with comfortable, effective and state-of-the-art equipment.


It commits.