Our Principles

  1. Berkin Group; prioritizes and upholds compliance with laws, national/international treaties on human rights, and societal moral values across all its departments.


  2. Berkin Group, in all its commercial and social relations, primarily adheres to all legal regulations, including the constitution. It conducts all its domestic and international activities and transactions within the framework of laws, high judicial decisions, and international law.


  3. Berkin Group, in both its commercial and social relationships, bases its actions on all legal regulations, especially the constitution.


  4. Berkin Group acts responsibly for the ecological preservation of nature and the environment and fully complies with local environmental protection laws and regulations. Its working philosophy revolves around producing all its products with environmentally sensitive, innovative technologies that conserve natural resources.


  5. Berkin Group strictly applies quality assurance processes in design, production, and testing, ensuring independent audits. During the manufacturing process, it adheres to standards such as AS 9100, MIL STD, and others to produce high-quality products.


  6. Berkin Group places great importance and priority on domestic production with a commitment to upholding national values. It expects its personnel to be aware that every product and service they produce adds value to this country and its future.


  7. For Berkin Group, confidentiality is essential. The company carefully safeguards the reputation, confidentiality, and all rights of every individual, institution, or organization it engages in commercial relations with, as well as all its personnel. It is essential for the employees to demonstrate the same care and sensitivity in all these matters.


  8. Berkin Group expects all its personnel to be conscious of being a part of the defense and aerospace industry and to live up to this awareness. It measures this sensitivity by the employee's contribution to on-time and error-free delivery of their tasks.


  9. Berkin Group's legal entity is an organization whose every breath is its customer. To sustain its existence, it must continuously, healthily, and sufficiently take this breath, and to grow, it must infuse this breath with the element of quality. Therefore, "customer-centricity" is its main principle. It pays utmost attention to its personnel being customer-focused as well.


  10. Berkin Group's fundamental principle to ensure customer satisfaction is "On-Time Delivery and Zero Defects." It believes that this principle is a fundamental requirement for its existence within the defense and aerospace industry. Berkin Group is aware that any violation or even a slight relaxation of this requirement may come at a very high cost. This emphasizes the company's commitment to maintaining high standards in delivering products and services to its customers in a timely and error-free manner.


  11. Sustainability is important for Berkin Group. The future needs of customers can only be met if the reasons for choosing Berkin Group today continue to exist. Berkin Group expects its employees to act with this awareness as well, understanding that their actions and decisions today have an impact on the company's ability to meet future customer needs sustainably.


  12. For Berkin Group, whether it's in the private sector, public sector, or volunteer-based projects, maintaining quality without compromise is essential.


  13. Berkin Group always utilizes products of the highest quality during the design, production, and testing phases. It continuously monitors developments in the products and relevant technologies it uses. It expects its personnel to proactively respond to future demands and expectations in this regard.


  14. Berkin Group continuously monitors customer satisfaction using modern data analysis tools. To meet customer needs and expectations, it brings together all necessary communication and infrastructure services. In using the communication and infrastructure services to reach the conclusions of these analyses, Berkin Group relies on the dynamism, flexibility, creativity, skills, professional expertise, and consistency of its personnel. This approach helps the company adapt and respond effectively to customer requirements.


  15. Berkin Group prioritizes resolving customer requests and complaints promptly to maintain its corporate reliability at the highest level. Therefore, it expects its employees to listen to their customers with respect, maturity, attentiveness, and record keeping. By adopting this approach, the company aims to ensure a positive customer experience and uphold its reputation for trustworthiness.


  16. Berkin Group values all kinds of feedback from its customers and business partners. It expects all its employees to treat this feedback as improvement suggestions and promptly communicate them to their managers and the quality department. By doing so, the company can continuously enhance its products, services, and overall performance based on valuable input from stakeholders.


  17. Berkin Group strictly prohibits and condemns any form of bribery, corruption, or other unfair practices that may influence competition. Similarly, it does not tolerate any of its employees gaining unlawful advantages from third parties (active bribery) or seeking such advantages (passive bribery). There is no tolerance for such actions within the company. This commitment demonstrates the company's dedication to maintaining ethical business practices and upholding a fair and transparent environment.


  18. Berkin Grup prioritizes delivering its products to its customers on time, in full, and with zero defects. The company recognizes that even the most valuable unit will become worthless if not delivered on time and in full. It expects its personnel to prioritize and handle this matter with the same sensitivity. Moreover, Berkin Group believes that maximum care should be taken to foresee and report any potential issues in this regard. By doing so, the company can proactively address and resolve any challenges that may arise and ensure the smooth execution of its commitments to customers.

  19. Berkin Group prioritizes truthfulness and honesty as core values in all its processes and relationships. It acts with truthfulness and honesty towards its employees and all stakeholders, and it expects the same in return. This commitment to integrity forms the foundation of the company's ethical principles and guides its interactions with all parties involved.

  20. Berkin Group provides its employees with a fair and collaborative working environment based on mutual respect. Under the company's umbrella, no employee shall be subjected to physical, psychological, verbal, or sexual harassment, mistreatment, or abuse. There is zero tolerance for such behavior. This commitment to a safe and respectful workplace reflects the company's dedication to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all its employees.


  21. Berkin Group ensures fair payment to its employees. They receive their deserved wages with all their legal rights, and salary statements (payroll) are provided for their inspection. Additionally, all employees are supported with social benefits. In return for their compensation, employees are expected to deliver their expertise in a professional, healthy, stable, and high-quality manner in their respective fields. This approach reflects the company's commitment to providing fair remuneration and encouraging a high standard of performance from its workforce.


  22. Berkin Grup determines working hours in accordance with the regulations specified by local laws. Even in the case of overtime, the company adheres to the maximum working hours set by the laws. Overtime work is documented and compensated as per the rates determined by the laws. The company expects its employees to honor standard and overtime hours with the required effort and dedication. This approach demonstrates Berkin Group's commitment to following legal requirements and ensuring that its employees' time and efforts are duly recognized and compensated.


  23. Berkin Group never forces any of its employees to perform tasks against their will. It believes that achieving business objectives can be attained through providing fair working conditions and adhering to the standards specified by the law. The company commits to being responsive to additional workforce needs and other requirements identified by its employees. This approach reflects the company's commitment to creating a positive and respectful work environment that values the well-being and rights of its workforce.


  24. Berkin Group expects its employees to avoid wasteful behavior and practice thriftiness. The company is aware of the importance of contributing to the national economy and the world's ecosystem through responsible consumption. To achieve this, Berkin Group raises awareness among its employees about the significance of being mindful of resource usage and making sustainable choices. By promoting such practices, the company aims to play its part in conserving resources and preserving the environment.


  25. Berkin Group expects its employees to be continuously open to innovation and personal development. To support this, the company organizes in-house training programs and encourages its staff to come forward with additional training requests. As a company that fulfills its responsibilities in the constantly evolving business world, Berkin Group also expects its employees to honor their personal responsibilities in this area. By fostering a culture of learning and self-improvement, the company aims to stay at the forefront of the industry and enable its employees to grow both professionally and personally.


  26. Berkin Group expects its employees to have analytical and creative thinking abilities. It pledges that all ideas from the staff will be evaluated sincerely by the management.


  27. Berkin Group expects its employees to respect the company's internal hierarchy while also knowing that they are equal in their rights. It guarantees that there will be no discrimination or preferential treatment for anyone and that the principles of law and merit will be upheld.


  28. Berkin Group looks for a sense of professionalism in its employees. Creating the company's corporate culture, sharing knowledge and resources, and maintaining a team spirit in all individuals are prioritized. To achieve this, the company provides its personnel with the necessary environment, infrastructure, and communication facilities.


  29. Berkin Group recognizes that it is a company composed of teams, and these teams are comprised of specialized personnel in their respective fields. The company understands that a team is only as strong as its weakest member, and similarly, a company's strength is determined by the strength of its weakest team. Therefore, the company expects its personnel to work in harmony with their teams and contribute to the team's strength in all aspects within their job description.


  30. Berkin Group places special emphasis on the protection of its employees from work-related accidents and the preservation of their overall health. The company forms its occupational health and safety policy based on these principles. It also expects its employees to pay maximum attention to both workplace safety and the preservation of their own health.


  31. Berkin Group is conscious of the presence of employees with diverse backgrounds, languages, religions, colors, and ideologies, as well as its responsibility in conducting business with its partners in line with its international compliance and sustainable global growth strategy. Therefore, the company fosters respectful relationships with foreign religions and cultures. It is a requirement for its personnel to adhere to the same respect and sensitivity towards others.


  32. Berkin Group is conscious of the presence of employees with diverse backgrounds, languages, religions, colors, and ideologies, as well as its responsibility in conducting business with its partners in line with its international compliance and sustainable global growth strategy. Therefore, the company fosters respectful relationships with foreign religions and cultures. It is a requirement for its personnel to adhere to the same respect and sensitivity towards others.


  33. Berkin Group firmly rejects any form of discrimination. Moreover, the company commits to providing equal opportunities to all its employees, regardless of race, religion, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability, and to evaluating them on an equal basis.


  34. Berkin Group remains neutral. It stands at an equal distance from all public institutions, administrative bodies, non-governmental organizations, political parties, and others. The company avoids entering into any relationships based on personal interests with any of them. All its activities are carried out with a strong sense of responsibility towards its reputation, personnel, and customers.