About Us

About Us

About Berkin Engineering
Berkin Engineering was established in Ankara in the year 2014
Starting as systems integrator on board Logistic Support Ships Project for the Turkish Navy in 2015, continued in several domestic/international projects, then headquarters moved to Istanbul in 2017


Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats built for the Naval Forces Command; awarded as the Main Integrator of Navigation-Electronic Systems.
Transformation from Limited to Incorporated company in 2018 and started to develop innovative products and establish an R&D and production infrastructure.
Bilahare yine Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı için inşa edilen Acil Müdahale ve Dalış Eğitim Botlarında;  Seyir-Elektronik Sistemleri Ana Entegratörü olarak görev almıştır.
In the R&D process of the original products developed, many patent applications have been made for the new technologies developed for Data Distribution Systems and Interface Units.
With this success achieved in innovation, products were exported friendly navies.
With this success achieved in original products, it also signed export and integration contracts for foreign military projects.
Berkin Defense Engineering, which continues its R&D activities with the motto of "doing what is not and can not be done" by moving to its own facilities in 2020;
Engineering has reached the capabilities to carry out R&D and design studies for a wide range of products ranging from underwater to space.


Establishment of Berkin Engineering


Signing of the contract for the Logistics Support Ship


Relocation of the headquarters to Istanbul

Signing of the contract for the Emergency Response Diving Training Boat


Restructuring of Berkin Engineering as a joint stock company and starting production within its own structure


Berkin Engineering's first export with the use of its systems on Qatar Military Academy Ships


Moving of Berkin Engineering to its new facilities


We opened our R&D office in Technopark Istanbul.


We signed a strategic cooperation agreement with MSB.


We received Facility Safety Certificate for our facilities in Istanbul.


We opened our new facilities in Technopark Istanbul.


We entered the fields of optics, image processing and artificial intelligence and RF.

To realize high value-added projects with a perfectionist approach in the defense industry and other fields of activity and to train qualified human resources for the defense industry.
In the fields of defense, security and informatics; To be a leading company that develops original solutions and products based on advanced technology in order to achieve the impossible.