AAB-59 converts the information it receives from sources such as GPS, Longline and DDU on the ship into a format that can be used by the Inertial Navigation System (ANS) and transmits it to ANS; It is a system that provides the opportunity to control the ANS by displaying these data through the Control and Display Unit (KGB-10).

In addition, it transmits ANS data to the systems that need this data in real time and in the desired format.

AAB_59_sage_ab_visualize_v2 (1)

Dimensions: 80x308x220 mm

Supply: 18-35 VDC

Synchro Reference Signal: 115V 400Hz

Power Consumption: 75 W Max.

Protocol: NMEA, HDLC and custom defined, TCP/IP

Interface: RS232/RS422/RS485, GB Ethernet, CANBUS, SYNCRO(I/O)

Environmental: MIL-STD-461G



ISO 20653:2013

Operating Temperature: -33°C – +63°C

Operating Humidity: %90

  • Software adjustable synchro output speeds: 1x, 2x, 4x, 36x
  • Bidirectional RS-422 Custom Binary interface between AAB-59 and ANS
  • In-Unit Continuous Test (CIT)
  • RS-422 HDLC interface conforming to ISO 13239:2002 standard
  • Audible and visual warning
  • RS422/RS485 backup lines
  • Platform Movements
    • Roll (Roll)
    • Vertical Pitch
    • Bow (Yaw)
    • Length Shift (Surge)
    • Side Sway
    • Diving (Heave)
    • Trim
    • Accelerometer Data
    • Pressure
    • Relative Wind Direction
    • Relative Wind Speed
    • True Wind Direction
    • True Wind Speed


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