Monitoring and controlling sensors of various specifications with the GPC-80 multi-purpose micro-computer; interface design so that senders and receivers with different communication standards can communicate; System-specific needs such as conversion of different standards and protocols, information multiplexing and distribution can be met. Subsystems can be easily monitored and controlled via Ethernet, USB, serial input-output, CANBUS, simple user interface and resistive touch-enabled LCD module.

Baud Rate: 12,5 Mbit/s

Insulation Protection: ± 15 kV

Overcurrent Protection: Yes

Connector: KLEMENS 5X1 – USB-MINI-B – RJ45-MAGjack – MIL-DTL-38999

Serial Standards: RS-422/485 – USB (Mini)(2.0) – Ethernet 10/100 – CAN-BUS

Product Dimensions: 240x140x15 mm

Environmental Requirements: MIL-STD-810


STM32F769IIT ARM CORTEX 32bit -M7 CPU Microcontroller

216 MHz Microcontroller Speed

1x High performance 10/100 Ethernet

8x High speed 12.5 Mbps FULL DUPLEX RS422/485/232 (±15kV ESD protection)

1x 5kVrms isolated CANBUS (CANH and CANL signal line protection up to ±40 volts)

1x Hi-speed USB 2.0

Data logging with micro-SD card

  • Sensör Okuma ve İzleme
  • NMEA Protokol Çevrimi
  • Seri-Ethernet Çevirici
  • CANBUS-Ethernet Çevirici
  • CANBUS-Seri Çevirici
  • Kolay Kullanıcı Arayüzü
  • Gerçek Zamanlı İşletim Sistemi (RTOS)


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